Offshore Finance Authority

In April 2003 the Anjouan Government decided to create an offshore sector. New Legislation, regulations, acts and regulations were specifically written for the Anjouan legislative Assembly. The Government of Anjouan passed these new laws and Legislation in February 2005 enabling Anjouan to create a superior offshore and financial sector, which provides the right environment for economic development and direct foreign investment. Under these new offshore laws of Anjouan, provision was made for a variety of offshore licenses to be granted for offshore International Business Companies (IBCs) as well as offshore Banking, Internet gaming, Insurance, Finance & Brokerage Licenses, as well as Mutual Funds &Trusts. By providing the correct conditions for the creation of an offshore sector, the Anjouan Government’s second aim was, and still is, to encourage foreign enterprises to have a physical presence on the island. This is more often referred to as ‘phase two’ of the Anjouan Offshore Centre.

The Anjouan offshore laws and Legislation have been structured in such a way as to be modern and flexible, based on study of the experiences of other offshore centres over the past forty years. There is an emphasis on implementing high due diligence standards and this in turn creates a business-friendly, liberal and stress- free regulatory environment.

The Anjouan regime and Constitution was changed in 2002, which gave the then President Bacar total power to deal with the domain of all offshore business. As head of the Anjouan Government and head of State, the former President Bacar, together with the Government of Anjouan and the Anjouan Legislative Assembly, elected to appoint Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd as the exclusive registered agent for all Anjouan offshore services. This appointment was confirmed on the 11th December 2004

The new constitution clarifies Anjouan’s status as an autonomous island within the new Union of Comoros. The government of the State of Anjouan has full control over economic development and foreign investment and this is stated in Article 10 of the new Anjouan constitution.

Anjouan is also positioned on strategic shipping routes and it’s deep water harbour in the capital of Anjouan, Mutsamudu, enables large container ships and cargo liners to dock, making Anjouan a very attractive centre for potential investors and especially cruise ships.

The Anjouan law states that companies registering or licensing in Anjouan must appoint a local Anjouan representative or registered agent, who in turn must have the specific authorisation to engage in such business. Anjouan Corporate Services Limited is the only registered agent of the island.

There are two fraudulent companies using the websites and using a telephone number from Mayott (a French Comoros Island) these websites are fake and is not authorised. If these companies attempt to make any contact especially to offer to renew your Licenses please advise us immediately or contact the local police, under no circumstances divulge any company or personal information especially bank details to this company.

There are also several Internet web sites that claim to offer Anjouan Offshore Companies and Licenses, there are also companies who state that they have Licenses duly issued from the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority, which may be fraudulent. Please note that all Anjouan companies and licenses will now have a unique security number other than the Company or License number. This number is not on any documents or on public record and can only be verified by Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd on behalf of the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority.

If you are approached by any company claiming to be able to issue documents for Anjouan Companies and Licenses, or companies who maintain they have been issued with an Anjouan company or License please do not hesitate to verify if they are authorised to do so on

To stop any Fraud, when buying a company or License in Comoros you need to make sure that you are dealing with Comoros, make sure the company has a Comoros telephone number, not just an email address, also make sure the address you are given for the registered office exists.

All documents that are issued by the OFA have a special security foil embedded into the paper.

Any person or company can now confirm if an IBC or License has been issued using our on line register (see Register section).

Our Company is based in Mutsamudu, Autonomous Island of Anjouan, with an Anjouan office, staff and a Comoros telephone number, clients are free to visit our offices in Anjouan at any time. Please be advised that Anjouan Licenses are not supported by the Comoros Central Bank and there is no guarantee that swift membership will be granted.

If any client wishes to open their own office in Comoros, this is no problem and we have staff that will help in location and formalities.

We also can confirm that Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd DO NOT ISSUE ANY LICENSES all Licenses are issued by the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority.

All applicants’ registering their companies in Anjouan may also have their own offices in Mutsamudu with trained staff who speak English, French and Arabic.

Each of the islands of Comoros (according to Title II of the Constitution) is autonomous within the Union, including having their own constitutions (or Fundamental Law), Governor, and Parliament plus its own financial sector which is not regulated by the Central Bank of Comoros. The Autonomous Island of Anjouan has its own internal legislation on the control and management of this sector.

Autonomous Island of Comoros